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Let’s not silo things off when you can have complimentary features working in harmony.

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With the market being saturated and businesses vying for the same customers you have, knowing the factors buyers’ take into consideration before actually making the purchase is an essential upper hand.

1. Understand customer journeys using personas

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Fully utilize valuable customer segments to enhance your business. Handpicking only the most beneficial or essential information is oftentimes the best approach than looking at aggregated data.

What once was a gift has now become a “curse” as the data powering the smart technologies designed to help improve people’s lives is now caught in a wave of cybersecurity threats, confidentiality scandals, and the questionable practices of Silicon Valley giants. For years, tech companies operated in largely unfamiliar landscapes, but the race is on to get a handle on the future of data. Welcome to the privacy era, where addressing the effect of a personal-information free-for-all is an urgent priority.

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Do not miss this audience that’s right under your nose! Why choosing target audiences that look like your best customers from the data you already have is a great additional segment to tap into.

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Custom Audiences in Social Media deliver higher converting personalization.

Maintaining Your Consumer Data Privacy Amidst the Challenges of Modern Marketing

Data-driven segmentation and personas drive digital personalization

The beauty of eCommerce is that there is so much data at your fingertips that you can use to understand who your customers are and what they want. What separates the minor leagues from the big leagues is how they make sense of all that overwhelming data.

Not getting enough from your investments in data? Look into more personalization.

Areeya Lila

Marketing AI Tech Entrepreneur and Mom of twins and a whippet. Startup advisor, D&I, AI-bias, sustainability, scuba diving & paddle boarder.

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