With the market being saturated and businesses vying for the same customers you have, knowing the factors buyers’ take into consideration before actually making the purchase is an essential upper hand.

1. Understand customer journeys using personas

What will make customer X go from clicking “add to cart” to “buy”? In order to properly communicate, you need to know who you’re talking to. What are your different customer segments? What personas are they? These two terms are often interchanged or used synonymously by marketers, but we define them differently. You can read more about it here.

Personas bring your customer segmentation to life and enable you to look at customers as individuals and not just statistics. Personas also help you to focus on which customers are the most valuable, which is also where your loyalty and retention…

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Fully utilize valuable customer segments to enhance your business. Handpicking only the most beneficial or essential information is oftentimes the best approach than looking at aggregated data.

Say I have five pets, three parrots and two horses, and they all eat a total of 500 kilograms of vegetables per day. On average, that’s 100 kilograms per animal per day! Unless my pet bird is actually an ostrich, there is no way a regular-sized bird can stomach all that daily. Failing to properly segment your data sets you up at a disadvantage because you might be understating your brand or you might be making poor business decisions based on inaccurate aggregate numbers.

Segmentation makes it easier to streamline your marketing efforts and resources on reaching your most valuable…

What once was a gift has now become a “curse” as the data powering the smart technologies designed to help improve people’s lives is now caught in a wave of cybersecurity threats, confidentiality scandals, and the questionable practices of Silicon Valley giants. For years, tech companies operated in largely unfamiliar landscapes, but the race is on to get a handle on the future of data. Welcome to the privacy era, where addressing the effect of a personal-information free-for-all is an urgent priority.

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Adding to marketers’ cookie-less Google dilemma, Apple announced that they’re implementing App Tracking Transparency (ATT). With the rollout of the next iOS 14 updates (14.5, currently in beta), ATT will require app publishers to get their users to openly agree to have their cookies tracked — opt-in is currently the default. Furthermore, users have to opt into each app actively, and ATT prohibits workarounds such as fingerprinting.

“It is more than a technical change,” says Gartner analyst Eric Schmitt. “It is a clear policy change from Apple.” Gartner estimates that 56% of mobile phones in the U.S. are Apple devices…

Do not miss this audience that’s right under your nose! Why choosing target audiences that look like your best customers from the data you already have is a great additional segment to tap into.

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If you do an Amazon search for a vacuum, hundreds of options show up. Which one would you go for? As customers, we are more likely to buy products from companies we have heard about. This general knowledge comes from advertisements and marketing campaigns.

While the concept seems easy, demand generating campaigns require a lot of work and thoughtfulness. Think about these… According to research, it takes an average of 8 touches to make a sale with a new prospect. Forbes also stated that it costs 5x more to attract new customers. …

Your teams executing on marketing campaigns, now measure your performance and optimize with metrics to meet your growth and retention goals.

Common questions after running a campaign are “how much are we spending?” “is it jiving with what was initially planned?”, “how do we measure the success (or loss) of a campaign?”. These are the questions a good CMO would want to be answered by analyzing with an effective marketing performance dashboard.

Marketing Dashboards for the BUSINESSand of the CUSTOMER

A marketing dashboard is a powerful tool for creating automated marketing reports and analyze data to make sound marketing decisions. The dashboard shows valuable metrics and updates the data in real-time according to your campaign performance. …

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard about Google eliminating third-party cookies. With a change as big as this, what is a digital marketer to do? What is the impact on your current situation?

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Cookies have been helping advertisers store data on potential leads’ web experiences across different sites, but negative consumer feedback to cookies (“creepy” customer experience where they feel like they were being followed all over the place, feels like a violation of their privacy, etc.) have made governments like the EU and the state of California respond with policy reforms such as GDPR

The best data-driven marketers do these three things for effective CX.

Despite appearing data-driven, most marketers I have encountered are obsessed with customer experience (CX) and improving customer journeys. And so many marketing teams have reached maturity to command customer experiences by aligning their digital workflows with personalized messaging to an identified and engaging customer. At VIEWN, we see teams all work towards this goal. So how do you get to maturity? I share with you three best practices for customer experience in marketing.

Customer experience defined

Practically every marketer these days puts the customer at the center of their marketing strategy. Focusing on the experience each customer has while engaging with your product…

Customer segmentation from the order and campaign data to improve marketing personalization

Successfully segmenting customers is much about the right timing and right messaging. The first part isn’t too hard to figure out by mapping out customer journeys and setting a few rules. Timing is where I dig in with these types of customer segments. It’s important to note that segmentation alone will not result in personalization that works because you need to understand behaviors and attitudes, and timing. But segments are still precious and are easy to define with data rules. So it is a great place to start. …

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Customer value increases when you make them feel known and heard. Still, with multiple customer touchpoints and different journeys taken, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the data and miss personalization completely.

What are your touchpoints? Touchpoints are the individual contacts through which customers engage with the business and its products/services.

Businesses try to guarantee that clients will be pleased with the interaction when they connect with their product, customer service, sales staff, or marketing materials. But this single focus on individual touchpoints misses the bigger — and more significant — picture: the customer’s end-to-end experience. Marketers know that customer experience (CX) is essential to get right. …

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