Customer personas in the era of AI

Beware of Bias in your data sets and practices. Putting together building blocks and syncing audiences across marketing platforms.

The revolution in marketing analytics is thanks to advanced algorithms and machine learning (ML), which have allowed marketers to personalize their approach at every stage of the customer journey. And the early stage is important because, with consent from a customer, you can begin delivering.

Personas involving interests and preferences

Especially for B2C brands, segments really can’t function without understanding the proper “why.” The best and most efficient way is to ask them. Understanding customer attitudes within segments point to the specific reasons why customers consider and buy products from your brand. We all do things for a reason. For example, we pick up pre-packaged food because we are always going. Or we choose to get fit once the promotion is available.

BEWARE: Biases Ahead

The input data allows machine learning algorithms to learn and adapt, but it can also cause problems if the information coming into an AI system isn’t accurate. And since humans are constantly generating new biases as they go about their daily lives without even realizing how much this affects other people’s thoughts on certain topics or events — let alone anything else!

Practical uses of Personas in Marketing Technology

Ok, so personas in the age of AI can just mean AI-driven personas. You just need another way to modularize the data you need. Another way to build and connect audiences is to think of them as toy blocks.

Build Audiences other platforms

Create lists of users or accounts that match specific criteria for persona audiences. For example, you can push the audience to your marketing and analytics tools by creating an “inactive accounts” audience that lists paid accounts with no logins in 60 days. This method is a fast way to include everyone in “inactive accounts” — like two building block pieces coming together.



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