Fuel Customer Experience With These Three Enterprise Tips

Think of your best customer experience so far and remember how that made you feel. Now, imagine leaving that feeling with every customer your brand touches on.

What is customer experience?

Let’s first define CX. This is the customers’ impression of your brand throughout all the aspects of their buying journey. Every marketer these days puts the customer at the center of their marketing strategy, and for a good reason. CX affects factors related to your bottom line, including revenue.

Why is CX so important?

In my experience, CX pretty much sells itself. It is straightforward and intuitive. When a brand is associated with a good experience, a customer will buy more — which always leads to greater loyalty, more profitability and encourages brand advocacy. The data approve it too. According to PWC, 73% of all people point to customer experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions. If you listen to your customers, you will find similarities.

CX best practices

  1. Allow CX to lead. Align your customer service and marketing functions around it. CX needs to be ingrained in the organization’s culture.
  2. Measure as much as you can; the key is understanding what your customer sees when interacting with your brand. More technologies, such as customer data platforms, collect data on the customer from multiple sources and begin to track individualized customer journeys to understand what is optimal from the data.
  3. Go for the quick wins. Improving small things will turn into big improvements without significant changes in people, processes, or technology. This point brings you back to #1 if you want organization adoption.



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Areeya Lila

Marketing AI Tech Entrepreneur and Mom of twins and a whippet. Startup advisor, D&I, AI-bias, sustainability, scuba diving & paddle boarder.