Travel and Hospitality: 5 Best Practices for Travel and Hospitality Companies Implementing a CDP

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What is a CDP?

Real quick: a customer data platform is a powerful tool for marketers when they need access and organization of their customers’ information. This will allow them to create profiles with shared data, going out into other applications in the business while also aligning it amongst teams — making this an essential component in any company’s marketing strategy!

Here are five benefits of including a CDP in your tech stack

Customer feedback loops: The customer feedback loop can be repeated at scale with the help of a cohesive experience and reinforced data sharing. Providing opportunities to provide customer feedback means that your customers are engaging with you. This feedback creates more engaging experiences for all individuals on your store site, one they’ll want to enjoy again! Now let’s see if your service meets their expectations.

1 Identify At-Risk Customers

New customer acquisition is 25 times more expensive than retaining your existing customers. And on average, current loyalists are 50% less likely to purchase from you than new ones! In other words, it pays big time if we can figure out which of your clients might be at risk of churning out. Convince them to stay around with retention strategies like personalized content tailored just right for their needs — because every single one deserves quality service after all those years spent paying for your subscription service.

2 Optimize Post-Purchase Engagement

Keeping your customers happy and engaged is crucial for retaining them. When they return, it’s important to focus on what will make the customer feel special, so they’re more likely to stay than go elsewhere!

3 Helpful customer experiences grow relationships

Travel experience forces you to change perspective and take on an array of journeys that can be measured by how it grows customer relationships. Knowing the insight about who they are for companies wanting to succeed, implementing CDPs allows taking ownership over this relationship as opposed to having nothing at all happen simply because there’s no other option available; using them like reminders while planning trips or avoiding purchases which would lead high churn rates among other things such adding onto strategies resulting into better trip experiences through targeted upgrades/add-ons plus creating mobile app personalization — all help make sure people receive excellent customer service every time.

4 Initiate Omnichannel Loyalty Programs

pandemic has caused consumers to be more willing and eager than ever. A recent McKinsey consumer survey found that “customers are twice as likely to try new brands, experiences or stores because of COVID-19–75% surveyed said they changed their shopping habits during the last two months! This is vital for companies who depend on customer loyalty; now there’s competition within your satisfying base.”

5 Empower Your Customer Support with Customer Data

Customer experience is everything, and your company’s customer service platform can help you provide customers with the best product or experience. Integrating their profiles in one place across multiple departments like marketing & sales will create greater productivity internally while giving support teams insight into issues with each account they might have never been able to before because it broke down silos!



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